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Why GrievanceDesk Redressal System?

It is a well-designed Grievance Redressal Portal based on AICTE norms which provides effective grievance procedure which includes registering, assessing and sorting of grievance.

Online Grievance redressal has now become a part of every institution. It provides the facility to lodge a complaint by students, parents, faculty, alumni, non-teaching staff and management against any discontent or lack of action in school, institution and university.

Our Grievance Redressal software is based on AICTE norms and directives. AICTE aims to support students, teachers and staff by providing Grievances Redressal cell which deals with all types of grievances, complaints and malpractices in school or campus.

It provides a fair and independent redressal system against the issues raised in the Grievance software. It also ensures resolving of grievance in prompt and appropriate manner with complete confidentiality. It offers an effective and efficient way of maintaining peace and harmony in the campus.

Features of Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Act as a Helping Hand

This software works as a helping hand for students and other staff members by acknowledging their complaint and solving their problems. It is very useful in creating a healthy environment in schools and campus.

Receive Complaints

Usually verbal complaints are not given much importance then written complaints. This software provides logging of a written complaint and one can check the status of the complaint lodged.

Manage Complaints

Maintaining a list of student’s complaints manually is quite difficult. But with this software maintaining and managing of complaints is easy. All complaints can be sorted out under different sections.

Assign Complaints

Complaints are assigned to the concerned person, who will further resolve the complaints and inform the management.

Generate Reports

It provides the facility of generating reports of complaints lodged. Whenever a complaint is resolved it is marked as “complete” and others as “pending” complaints.

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